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Race: Witch, A Charmed one
Parents: Victor & Patty
Past Partners: Jeremy, Dan
Married: Leo
Children: Wyatt & Chris

Molecular Inhibition: The ability to slow down molecules to the point where an object freezes. This is the first power that Piper inherited after becoming a Charmed one.

Molecular Combustion: In season 3, Piper's freezing power developed, so she can now speed up molecules to the point where an object blows up.

owner of the nightclub P3.
Marital Status:
Married to a whitelighter Leo

Pipers's Life:

Before Prue died, it seemed that Piper spent most of her time mediating arguements between Prue and Phoebe.
Piper,at 1st just landed a job at a popular restraunt, The Quake.
She made it through the interview by freezing the head chef to give her more time to complete the meal.
After managing The Quake for a while, Piper decided to open her own place.
She named the nightclub 'P3'for prue piper phoebe and now piper phoebe paige.
Dating life hasn't been easy for Piper.
When the show started, she was with Jeremy, who turned out to be a warlock.
Next she was attracted to a ghost. Rounding out Piper's super natural trend is Leo,
the girls' whitelighter, to whom she is now married and they have two children.
One could say that Piper was the rock of the family,
balancing life between super-responsible and controlling Prue,
and sometimes ding-batty Phoebe.
That all changed when Prue died.
The loss of her sister took a huge toll on Piper.
Suddenly finding that she had a long lost sister didn't help matters. Piper went on a "demon bender",
putting everyone in danger. It was Paige who saved Piper by
getting her to admit that she felt abandonded by Prue.
Piper has since then moved on though she still misses prue
she has accepted paige as her sister and just had a beautiful baby boy
shes just as stubborn and careful as ever
and shes finally happy