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Race: Witch, A Charmed one
Parents: Victor & Patty
Past Partners: Jason Dean, Leslie StClaire, small fling with Drake Robin
Married: Cole Turner (Divorced)
Children: None, but saw that she will have a baby in the near future
Premonition: Being able to see past and future events. When Phoebe first inherited this power, she could only see into the future, but it has since developed. Her power is triggered by touching objects that are closely related with lives she has to save or jobs the eldars want her to do.

Levitation: Levitation is the ability to become lighter than air, and although Pheobe couldn't control it well at first, she quickly learned how to control her power and can even fly short distances!

Empathy: The ability to feel someone elses emotions. Phoebe hated this power because she was constantly feeling her sisters emotions everytime they stood near her and she couldn't handle it, so she got them to take a potion to shield their emotions. Since then Phoebe has been able to use this power against the enemy .


advice collumist.

Marital Status:
single and looking

Phoebe's Life:

Phoebe Halliwell was not always the most responsile sister
she has always been carefree and has always followed her heart and trusted her instincts
it was because of Phoebes return to the manor that the girls discovered there powers in the first place
The day Phoebe came home from New York after her search for her father
she and Piper were playing with the spirit board that was given to them by there mother
when they were little, and it moved spelling out attic
phoebe went to exploere the attic and uncovered the book of shadows
and read an incantation releasing all of there powers
Carefree Phoebe went through many on again off again relationshops
she also went through many jobs before she decided to go back to college
though she was maturing,Phoebe was still very trusting, a little too trusting for a witch
Phoebe met a handsome supposed DA who she found out later
was an evil demon who had been working for the source of all evil
trying to kill her and her sisters
but as she had fallen in love with him,he fell in love with her as well
Cole betrayed his friends and joined the charmedones fighting for good
Then Cole took in the source of all evils powers, and betrayed Phoebes trust
she became the Queen of all evil
but her love for her sisters was stronger then her love for Cole
even true love can be broken by stronger bonds, and her and her sisters vanquish cole
or so they think,in the mean time Phoebe finds out the baby shes carrying really isnt hers, and was implanted by evil
Cole comes back from the vanquished demon grounds
and goes mad when Phoebe will not come back to him
He tries to help good hoping her can show Phoebe how much he really loves her, but it isnt enough
though the love is still somewhat there, she knows that its over
Cole goes mad and becomes evil again an worse hes also invincable
but invincable isnt enough, phoebe vanquishes Cole once and for all
Phoebe is back to her normal carefree self now
shes an advice collumist for the bay mirror, and is great at her job
Phoebe may also have a new love intrest in her boss in the near future
Later in season 8, Phoebe falls in love with a Cupid named Coop. It was revealed in the series finale, that the elders sent Coop to Phoebe hoping that she would fall in love with him to make up for a little of what she had lost through the years. Although it is "against the rules" for a Cupid to find love for themselves, the Elders lifted this restriction for Phoebe. The finale shows that in the future Coop and Phoebe are married by the Angel of Destiny in Magic School and that they will have three girls.As a sidenote Phoebe almost fell in love with another Cupid who had to leave her to keep his job.
Phoebe's destined marriage with Coop fulfills the prophecy that her true love's name begins with the letter "C".  While it may seem in the beginning that it was Cole, especially since she was married to him (but later divorced), it shows that Cole might have been Phoebe's great love, and Coop is her real soulmate and true love.