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Race:Whitelighter/Witch, A Charmed one

Parents: Sam Wilder & Patty Halliwell
Past Partners: Richard Montana & Kyle Brody
Children: None
OrbingThe ability to move from one place to another by just thinking about it. Orbing is the slowest form of transportation (next to blinking and shimmering). It consists of your body's molecules breaking up and travelling around in orbs.

Telekinetic Orbing: This is pretty much like telekinisis, except you have to summon (call) the object to you before doing whatever else with it.  

Social worker, fulltime witch,Temp worker, Headmistress of Magic School, Whitelighter

Marital Status:
married to Henry Mitchell

Paige's Life:

Paige Matthews only found out that she was a witch a year ago
shed always felt connected to the Halliwells, but doubted there was anything there
after Prues death Piper used a spell to call a lost witch drawing Paige to them
recompleteing the power of three
Paige is half whitelighter and half witch
her mother is patricia Halliwell and her father was her mothers whitelighter Sam Wilder
Paige was left at a church at birth with a nun named sister Agnes
when Paige returned to the church, she recieved her baby blanket, and learned pattys only request was that she be named starting with a P
Paige worked as a social worker at the south bay social services
but recently left it for her witchly duties
though she hasnt and never will take Prues place, she become a super witch of her own
and is always learning more on the craft
recently paige became an aunt to a baby very much like herself
half witch half whitelighter
Paige has come very far since she found out that she was a witch
from dealing with demonic ex brother inlaws to turning into a vampire
Paige is a great witch and will conqure all of the obsticals put infront of her
for she and Prue truly are one in the same